M I N T C O. x Mah-roc Collaboration #1


Mah-roc Collaboration

As young women entrepreneurs and artists of the 21st Century, we are trying our best to thrive and to create new products. As we diverge from the norms and the old ways of doing things, we become more aware of the problems of our world and realize that it is time to make a difference. In today’s high consumption society, the amount of waste we generate due to partial use or no use at all is at a very critical level. Within this frame, Mah-roc represents a new way of thinking for re-using products. For this purpose we have collaborated with Mah-roc and created a new collection from our last season products. Once a Mintco Clutch now became collaboration bags. These patchwork products now have a second chance to be bought by our customers again.

Shipment will be in 2-4 business days.

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